Best Toys for Blind Dogs: Scented Toys

In my last post I looked over toys which are great for blind dogs because they choose sounds that really help blind dogs follow and connect to them. Another means of helping your pet locate its toys is by using toys that have a strong smell.

There are some great scented toys available on the market, including the durable range of rubber toys by Planet Dog which are mint scented. The Orbee Tough for senior dogs is very good, it's high contrast colours make it easier for partially sighted dogs to spot it and there's a location to put treats, peanut butter cream or cheese for added interest. It's also worth checking our the eco friendly range of vanilla scented dog toys.

You are able to scent your dogs toys in numerous ways. For soft toys like plush toys or rope toys, try adding a small amount of scented extract,such as vanilla or mint to the toy. You may even add a different scent to each toy and train your pet to identify them by name.

For hard toys and squeaky toys try placing the toys in a zip-lock bag with strong smelling food like a pig's ear or dried liver, for several days so that they absorb the smell. You can also try soaking solid toys in meat stock for some hours. The scent could eventually wear off so you will need to refresh it every so often.

Finally, any toy which you can use with food will smell so enticing that any dog will want to connect to it! You may try the iconic Kong, or among the great products from BusyBuddy which you can combine with edible chew treats.

Using these methods, there's no reason your blind dog can't enjoy almost all the same toys as a sighted dog. You are able to help your pet rediscover tug toys, chew toys and plush toys again, by following tips above and hanging out encouraging him to play again.
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